ISO 55001

Asset management – Management systems – Requirements


ISO 55001 is a standard that specifies requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of asset management systems. This standard can be applied to all types of assets in organizations of all types and sizes.

It provides a standardized framework for asset management and maintenance. The organization that implements this standard itself determines to which part of its assets it applies.

This International Standard does not specify the financial, accounting and technical requirements for the management of specific types of assets.

This standard represents the latest knowledge and best practices in the field of asset management, and is applicable to:

  • all asset-intensive business areas, where significant costs, resources, performance and/or risks are associated with the creation, acquisition, use, maintenance or renewal as well as the sale of assets;
  • any organization that manages and/or plans to invest in a significant asset portfolio, where asset efficiency and asset management are key to the efficient delivery of services, products as well as the realization of other business objectives;
  • organizations in which work or public accountability requires the safe management of assets and the provision of related services.


ISO 55001 certification provides the organization, the client and other interested parties with a clear indicator of performance in relation to asset management.

Some of the benefits of certification are:

  • Performance optimization and cost reduction throughout the asset life cycle,
  • Reduction of problems in the production and realization of services,
  • Increasing business transparency,
  • Identification of assets,
  • Valuation of assets,
  • Gaining the trust of interested parties that safety requirements and equipment performance requirements are met,
  • Reduction of threats for greater financial risks.