Certification process

Certification process consists of several related stages. The process begins with the submission of an application for certification by a person who wants to be certified, followed by the phase of reviewing the application for certification and contracting, conducting exams and making a decision on certification. Click below for more details.

Certification process is presented and briefly described below.

The person wishing to be certified is required to submit to StandCert a completed application for certification together with the records required by the application and by which the person confirms that it has fulfilled the preconditions for certification of persons.

StandCert reviews the submitted application for certification from the aspect of the required certification, the completeness of the application and the fulfillment of the preconditions for certification.
The applicant for certification must meet certain preconditions prescribed by the certification scheme and relating to education, work experience, training and experience in conducting audits where applicable. If the applicant does not meet the conditions, he will be notified.

StandCert sign Contract with the applicant who meets the prescribed preconditions for certification.

After signing the Contract, the applicant takes a written exam, organized by StandCert.

Duration and the structure of exam are precisely prescribed by the scheme.

StandCert makes the decision on certification based on results of the exam and assessment of the fulfillment of all conditions for certification.

Decisions on certification are made by persons who have not conducted the exam or training of the candidate.

If the person has not passed the exam, he is given the opportunity to take it again. The person is informed about which conditions for certification he did not fulfill and about the decision made.

In case the person has passed the exam and fulfilled all the conditions for certification prescribed in the certification scheme, he is awarded with a certificate for a period of 3 years.