ISO 39001

Road traffic safety management system


ISO 39001 establishes requirements for a road traffic safety management system (RTS) that allows an organization that interacts with any road traffic system to reduce deaths and serious injuries related to traffic accidents that may be affected by the organization. The requirements in ISO 39001 include the development and implementation of an appropriate road traffic safety policy, the development of road traffic safety objectives and action plans that take into account the legal and other requirements to which the organization is committed, and information on road traffic safety elements and criteria the organization identifies as those it can control and those it can influence. The ISO 39001 standard helps organizations to establish and implement appropriate road traffic safety policies, goals and strategies.

Why road traffic safety management is important?

Professionals, who perform work in any way related to the means of road traffic and road safety, can obtain ISO 39001 certification and help their organizations achieve the priority goals of RTS. Certificates primarily provide confidence that organizations have taken measures to control the risk of deaths and serious injuries related to traffic accidents, and can serve as evidence of the provision of quality services.

The ISO 39001 standard applies to all organizations involved in road transport, regardless of their size. ISO 39001 is directly applicable to public and private organizations whose business is related to road traffic safety, such as:

  • organizations engaged in the transport of passengers or cargo,
  • transport and/or logistics organizations performing transport activities,
  • personnel employed in the road traffic system,
  • organizations engaged in the design, construction, maintenance of roads, streets and traffic signals,
  • manufacturers of cars, trucks and other road vehicles, including manufacturers of spare parts and equipment,
  • institutions for the provision of emergency medical services and assistance to victims of accidents,
  • government institutions related to road traffic, e.g. police, educational institutions, etc.


  • reduction of the number of traffic accidents,
  • organized and responsible response in cases of traffic accidents,
  • quality and safety of traffic on roads is ensured,
  • the efficiency of the road traffic safety management system (RTSMS) is increasing,
  • cost reduction through greater efficiency, gaining a competitive advantage,
  • ensuring the trust of users by raising awareness of the importance of road traffic safety.