ISO 22716

Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) – Guidelines for good manufacturing practice


ISO 22716 is an internationally recognized standard that provides guidelines for the production, control, storage and transportation of cosmetic products. The certificate of conformity with this standard confirms that the cosmetics are manufactured and handled in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

This standard is intended for cosmetic manufacturers, as well as other organizations (such as producers of raw materials and packaging) that are included in the supply chain of cosmetic products.

The guidelines of this standard offer organized and practical advice on the management of human, technical and administrative factors that affect product quality.

The standard does not apply to research and development activities and distribution of finished cosmetic products.


The application of guidelines for good manufacturing practice according to ISO 22716, creates many advantages for the organization, such as:

  • Enables the organization to manage the quality and safety requirements of its supply chain,
  • Controls hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products, ensuring continuous improvement,
  • Easily implemented in all sizes and levels of complexity of organizations and compliance with legal requirements,
  • Gaining and/or strengthening business trust with known and potential clients,
  • Increasing exports.