The ISO 31000 series of standards deal with risk management. The basic standard is the standard ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines. This International Standard describes in detail a systematic and logical process for identifying, analyzing and evaluating risk, as well as methods for dealing with risk, in order to meet its risk criteria.
This standard is not intended for certification purposes.

About training

StandCert organizes various types of training related to understanding the concept of risk management, introduction to techniques and methods for risk assessment, application of risk-based principles to relevant management systems.

Below are basic informations on risk management training conducted by StandCert.

Training label Name of training program Duration
 R01 Introduction to risk management with reference to ISO 31000 and ISO 27005 standards 1 day
(8 hours)
R02 Methods and techniques for risk assessment 2 days
(16 hours)
R03 Risk assessment (related to ISO 9001) 1 day
(7 hours)
R04 Business risk management 2 days
(14 hours)