Notice on the operation of StandCert doo during the COVID-19 pandemic


We are all aware of the limitations that the CORONA virus pandemic places on our business and personal lives. In these circumstances, the protection of the health and safety of all individuals is of great importance. However, it is still important to ensure the trust that certification provides to the market and the same should not be diminished in these challenging times.

In this regard, StandCert will conduct remote checks during the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency measures. The time in which the remote checks will be carried out will be subject to constant review and may change depending on the development of the situation.

Remote checks will be performed through remote documentation review, web meetings and remote activity checks. At the most basic level, the check will be based on a phone call (eg skype, chats, video call) and remote document review. The possibility of conducting a remote inspection and the method of inspection is subject to agreement with clients.

We hope that the clients will have an understanding for the situation and enable the implementation of remote checks so that, to our mutual satisfaction, we can overcome the situation and implement the services that we have mutually agreed upon.

If you have any questions or concerns you can write to us at

Together we can more easily overcome the situation we find ourselves in.

Sincerely, your StandCert